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There is no doubt that cleaning can sometimes be very boring and tedious. Modern people find little time for such activities because of the fast-paced lifestyle they practice. However, cleaning should be a necessary part of our lives. A clean home will guarantee that there is no danger from bacteria and harmful microorganisms that dwell in dirty and untidy homes. In addition, the entire home looks more attractive and you will feel much more relaxed and happy in a clean home. So, although most of us don’t enjoy this activity, we all love when the home is clean and shiny. Luckily, there are certain cleaning tips that can speed up this process and make your home look more beautiful than ever. The following is a short list of five quick and easy cleaning tips that can be used in any modern home.

  1. Homemade household spray

Although the stores are filled with specialized sprays for different purposes, you can create your own household spray that can be used for many cleaning tasks. Using several sprays at once can be difficult and time-consuming. Take one White King bleach tablet and place it in your household spray bottle. Fill the bottle with cold water to the top and you are good to go. You can spray and wipe all surfaces with this spray and the effects will be amazing.

  1. Taking care of the chopping boards

Chopping boards made of plastic, and especially those made of wood, are a fertile ground for many bacteria. Even a regular wash cannot guarantee that these bacteria are removed and that the chopping board is safe. One of the easiest ways to eliminate bacteria is to use bleach as a sanitization agent. Simply wash and soak the chopping board in diluted bleach and wait for about ten minutes. After that, use dishwashing detergent and plain water to rinse the surface thoroughly.

  1. Clean the toilet in less than 10 minutes

Use the specially-designed White King Antibacterial Wipes to eliminate germs from the buttons, lid and seat. There are many people who use special toilet for this practice, but this is wrong because this piece of cloth will soon be filled with numerous microorganisms. In other words, it will be infested with germs even more than the toilet itself. If you want to clean the toilet bowl in the best way, use one bleach tablet and wait for about five minutes. Once it is dissolved scrub with your brush.

  1. Clean your china

Pour 2 cups of White King bleach in the kitchen sink and pour water. Soak the porcelain and china dishes you have for about 10 minutes. Scrub them quickly and rinse them with plain water.

  1. Washing machine cleaning

Although they leave an impression that they are clean all the time, the truth is that washing machines are home to many bacteria because of the dirty clothes that go in and out of these machines. In order to clean them use 2 bleach tablets and start an empty express cycle of washing.

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