KitchenHow to keep your kitchen clean

Keeping your kitchen clean doesn’t have to be a difficult and time-consuming activity. According to many people who have experience in this field, there are certain tips and routines that can help any family clean their kitchen quickly and keep it generally clean for a long period of time. But, before we go into details, it is good to mention some interesting facts about the area of the home where we prepare our meals.

What is important to understand is that the kitchen is home to most of the germs found in our home. Kitchen sponges are usually the items with most germs. You can find more fecal bacteria on a cutting board than on a toilet seat. According to some statistics, an average kitchen has 100.000 times more harmful microorganisms than a bathroom. According to the same stats, more than 40% of cases of food poisoning happen in private homes and the majority of those cases are related to hygiene. Now let’s see what each of us can do to keep the kitchen clean and safe.

  • First and foremost, try to keep the kitchen tidy. Before you start cleaning the dirt and dust and before mopping the floors, you need to get rid of the mess. This practice will help you finish the cleaning more easily. Put every item in its place. Many people use the countertops in the kitchen as some sort of storage space, but this is wrong. This practice will slowdown the cleaning process and it will also promote the accumulation of dirt and dust. Keep the things that you use on a daily basis out of the cabinets.


  • Remember that regular cleaning will reduce the overall time you spend on this activity. If your kitchen is left dirty and messy, you will need to use stronger cleaning products and spend more time cleaning. In other words, you will spend more money, time and you will jeopardise the environment.


  • One of the keys to a shiny kitchen can be found in the sink. It is amazing how this small element can transform the overall appearance of every kitchen. Once you clean the sink, you won’t settle until the tiles and floors are not cleaned too. In addition, this will motivate you to clean the entire home which is quite useful because the dirt can be transferred from one area from our home to another.


  • Most people maintain the cleanliness of their kitchens on a regular basis, so they rarely use strong cleaning products. For most of the surfaces found in the kitchen you can use universal cleaning sets. Another good advice is to use white vinegar if you are just trying to maintain the cleanliness. In order to get the best results use a micro-fiber cloth because this cloth gets the job done.


  • The best way to protect your stoves from dirt is good prevention. You can use a net to avoid oil stains from the pan. Of course, you should also wipe the stove after every meal.


  • It is also important to remember that sometimes being quick won’t provide results. If you apply some cleaning product and you become to wipe the surface right away, you don’t leave enough time for the product to provide the necessary effects. Read the instructions carefully and follow the advice.

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