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The time of the year when barbecuing is finally here. However, you have just remembered that you’ve stored your dirty BBQ in the basement and don’t know how to start the cleaning process. This is a very important task because the cleanliness of the barbecue itself can affect the quality of food we prepare. The following is a list of things you can do in order to clean your BBQ.

  1. To start with, it is the best idea to clean the barbecue right after you are finished with the cookout. In this way you will avoid the hardening of grime. But, even if there is grime you can still easily clean the barbecue. Simply, take a newspaper soaked in water on top of the barbecue (this method can be used in lidded barbecues). Use low heat for about 30 minutes. In this way you will perform a steam cleaning process inside the barbecue and the grime will fall off after a gentle wipe. This activity will be a little bit more complex when it comes to barbecues that use coals. You will have to use the right amount of heat because otherwise the paper will start burning. You can also use chemical cleansers. Put the grill on a newspaper and apply the solution. Wait for at least one hour before rinsing.
  2. Many people use scrapers and scrubbing stones to get rid of tough dirt. If the dirt is softer you can use a piece of soft cloth. People who own grills coated with enamel should find a way to loosen the dirt first and use only a small amount of pressure after that. Once the procedure is finished, wash the barbecue thoroughly and leave it outside to dry.
  3. Keep in mind that if you use steam to soften the inside of the barbecue the entire procedure will be much easier. If you use charcoal barbecue remove all coal particles and use damp kitchen roll to remove the last pieces of coal. After that use a spray cleaner to soak a piece of soft cloth and in case you notice some stubborn stains rub gently for a longer period of time. If there are areas that are covered with burnt food residues you can use stove cleaner. Remember that it will take some time before the product acts. Make sure to read the instructions and check whether the cleaner is suitable for the surface you are trying to clean. The base of the barbecue will most likely be scratched or discoloured so you don’t have to pay special attention to it.
  4. The easiest part is to clean the outer parts of the barbecue. Add a cleaning solution to a cloth and wipe all these outer areas. Even a regular cleaning liquid will get the job done. In case your barbecue comes with a removable knob for gas control you should definitely remove it and clean it thoroughly because if grime accumulates in this area it may disrupt the proper functioning of the grill.

Cleaning you BBQ can be added to any of domestic cleaning services. Get your grill ready for BBQ season by contacting Ballarat’s BEST Cleaning Company, Clarke Clean.

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