BathroomOur best bathroom cleaning tips

It is a well-known fact that the bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in every home. No matter how much time you spend cleaning your bathroom per day, you should perform a thorough cleaning at least once in three months. The following is a list of tips that can be used for both everyday and thorough cleaning.

  • Shower

Start from the top. Pour white vinegar in a plastic bag. The amount should be enough to soak the entire shower. Wrap it around the shower and leave it overnight. In the morning rinse the shower. The tub should be cleaned once a week. Fill it with warm water, leave it for 15 minutes and scrub after that. Shower curtains should be washed in the wash machine with regular detergent. If you want to clean the shower doors create a paste by adding one cup of baking soda and a few drops of vinegar. Apply this paste on the doors. Wait for one hour and clean the doors with microfiber wipe cloth, rinse and cloth to dry the area. Keep the door open in order to avoid condensation.

  • Grout

Soak a cleaning brush directly into the bleach and scrub all the places where you can see limescale. After that, thoroughly rinse the area. Make sure that the area gets enough air. Limescale is porous and very suitable for the development of bacteria. Repeat this procedure every six months.

  • Toilet bowl

Pour one cup of baking soda in a regular cup and leave it for a couple of minutes and after that, scrub the bowl and rinse. The toilet brush should be cleaned after every use. Use bleach on the bristles and leave it like that for a while. After that, pour a bottle of regular water.

  • Tiles, walls and ceiling

Spray the tiles, woodwork, plastics and ceiling with cleaning products and switch the shower on hot water until you notice condensation (after five minutes). After that, leave the bathroom, shut the door and leave the steam and products to get this job done for about 20 minutes. After that, wipe all the surfaces with clean cloth. In the very end, wipe the floor.

  • Sink

Pour some white vinegar or baking soda in the drain and leave the warm water pour into the drain. The faucet should be cleaned with disinfection wipes which have the ability to reduce the number of bacteria. Clothes can only move bacteria from one place to another. Finally, scrub the sink with a sponge.

  • Vent

Remove the part of the vent that is removable, vacuum the dust from this element and soak it in warm water mixed with dish washing detergent. Clean thoroughly and wipe it with wet wipes. Use a brush to remove the dust that is accumulating in this area and use the vacuum cleaner in the end. When all the elements become dry, put them back in their place. The vent slows down the formation of mold, but it also retracts airborne particles that may stick to it. This is why you need to clean this part of the bathroom on a regular basis.

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