Stain RemovalTop tips for DIY stain removal at home

No matter how careful we are, there are situations in which we have to face with stains. They can appear on our clothes or literally everywhere in our home. We have all seen red wine stains, juice stains, makeup stains etc. Luckily, there is more than one effective way to eliminate stains. The following is a list of tips for easy stain removal.

Stain removal around the home

Sheets that appear yellowish can be whitened, but you need to be sure which type of material is used in them. When it comes to polycotton sheets, you need to soak them in a solution made of warm water and small quantity of methylated spirits. After that, you can follow the same tips sued for cotton sheets – use two teaspoons of Vanish NapiSan in a large (12-litre) bucket of warm water and leave it during the night. Wash them in a regular way in the morning and leave them outside to dry.

There are many people who use newspapers to clean glass. The truth is that modern newspapers don’t contain the same components as the ones printed 5 decades ago, but they are still effective. It is a good idea to use a paper towel and white vinegar. It is crucial to take care of the direction of your moves, when you wipe the inside of a window use horizontal stripes. The outer parts require vertical strokes.

Tablecloths are real magnet for stains because all types of food residues are left on the table once we are finished with our meal and people usually have three meals per day. By using hairspray on the “affected” area you can easily remove these stains. Use a paper towel to remove the stains.

If you notice that your drawers are not running smoothly, you can add some bathroom soap on the mechanism. In this way they will run like new and on top of that, the insects won’t get near your drawers.

Stain removal tips for clothes

If you want to use the washing machine in order to wash your sport shoes, you should cover them with a pillowcase and loosen the ties in order to keep their original shape for a longer period of time.

In the recent period many people use fake tan products in order to get the summer tan that they have always wanted. There is nothing wrong with this practice except the fact that it often results in stains. If you are dealing with fake tan stains, use a lavender oil to wipe the problematic area and after that wash them in a regular way.

If you believe that it takes a long time to iron your clothes, you should definitely use a combination of one litre of water and one teaspoon of lavender oil in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to moisten the clothes and put the clothes on. Most of the creases will be gone because lavender oil has the ability to relax fiber.

What about stains that won’t come out?

Our carpet stain removal professionals in Ballarat have built our reputation on the spots and stains that other carpet cleaning companies give up on. Our highly trained technicians use a special selection of cleaning solutions that can remove just about anything. If you have stains that have set, they may be permanent, and while we can’t guarantee that we can remove every one, we will be able to offer treatment recommendations.

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